Roommate Matching

If applying online, please complete the Roommate Matching Form below. If you’d just like a form to print and bring into the office, you can download it here.

This page needs to be completed by ALL APPLICANTS regardless of roommate requests, to ensure proper placement. (Kirkwood Court and Campus View Apartments will assist those applicant(s) seeking a roommate.) Living with one or more persons is not always easy. Even with careful discussion and prior agreement, misunderstandings will occur. However, there are a few things one can practice to make for the most comfortable living environment. Two keys to successful roommate living is making sure the lines of communication are kept open and recognizing the fact that no one is a carbon copy of you. Compromises will have to be made.

Roommate Matching Form

  • Disclaimer: I authorize Haverkamp Properties to share information concerning my Application with other applicants and with current Roomers in order to facilitate Haverkamp Properties' efforts to match roommates with their preferences. This sharing includes, but is not limited to, exchange of phone numbers and email addresses among other applicants or current Roomers. I hereby release Haverkamp Properties from any liability resulting from (a) such sharing of information and (b) its efforts to match me with other Roomers. I understand that Haverkamp Properties will make a reasonable effort to match me with compatible roommates based on my expressed preferences but it cannot guarantee that the effort will be successful.

    I have read the Kirkwood Courts and Campus View Apartments Roommate Disclaimer. I understand and agree to it. By submitting this form, I am giving Haverkamp Properties authorization to release the information supplied above to potential tenants who are also looking for one or more roommates.